April 2020

Why De-Personalizing Your Home Sells It Faster

Why De-Personalizing Your Home Sells It Faster April 13, 2017 / Selling Your Home The most important step of staging a home for sale is de-personalizing it. This has the greatest effect on making it more appealing to home buyers. While it’s nice to think that we can put our homes on the market as-is and assume home buyers will...

81 Home Staging Tips

Living Room Embrace symmetry when staging your living room. Coordinated sets, like these pillows, are pleasing to a buyer's eye. Image: Fluff Designs When placing anything from accent pillows and table lamps, go for symmetry, which is pleasing to the eye. Light it up with lamps. Chic lamps provide both added lighting and appealing decor. Make that fireplace glow....

Neutral Paint Color Ideas for Walls

Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is a soft, elegant neutral that falls right into the “greige” category, being a perfect blend of gray and beige. It’s a lovely, fresh color that is a great choice if you want a true neutral. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray is soft and elegant like Pale Oak, only it is decidedly gray in color. It has a chic, clean appeal that is perfect if you...

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